What We’ve Done

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In the past we have been privileged to work with a number of site owners, web developers, search engine optimisation experts and agencies in creating content that has proven to greatly improve the quality of their sites and has helped to develop a more comprehensive SEO strategy leading to improved rankings and ultimately more sales.

Here are a few examples of previous contracts.


For Graphenea.com we were approached by Mark Walters from www.seomark.co.uk in order to create content that would enhance the quality of their site. What we provided was 8 articles, ranging from 1,000 to 2,000 words each based on graphene. The articles had to be well researched, accurate and had to contain scientific data on very precise properties of the material as the task was to create a web-wide authority on this impressive new technology.





With OmegaRacer.com, we worked with the owner to produce a full e-commerce site from scratch. We designed the business logo, site backgrounds, all site images, buttons, menus and marketing posters, as well as providing the written content. We have been working with the owner on SEO strategy since the site was founded and regularly undertake social network management tasks for them.