How We Do It

Cleartext Content | High Quality Web ContentAll we need from you is the URL of your site and some details about your business and we can get to setting you up with a site that is as informed and educational as it should be in order to get your site some real exposure on the world wide web.

Once you send us the details of what you are looking for, we will then select an appropriate writer from our team to begin looking at how the content will be created; what the main idea of each particular piece of content is (or should be), how best to structure the content depending on the perceived knowledge level of your most frequent visitors, whether we need to focus on targeting a particular keyword (or keyword phrase) and how best to do so whilst maintaining quality and educational value, and so on.

We will then begin the writing process, which will generally go through a few edits from other team members, and provide you with your content within a short time frame.


High quality web content can not be created overnight. While we will strive to provide you with what you need as soon as possible, content of a certain quality takes time to properly research and create. Superior web content is something we feel passionately about, and we always maintain a level of standard that requires a good understanding of a topic; something which a cursory few hours of research will just not be appropriate for.