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Simply put, we will provide you with written and digital content which will enhance the quality of your website.

By enhancing the quality of the content on your site, this enables it to become more of a relevant source of information for users searching the internet, ultimately increasing the exposure of your site through search engines. In effect, better content means higher rankings, and higher rankings means more exposure.

Unfortunately this is not the be-all and end-all of the situation. For a site which concentrates on online sales, or collecting customer information, it is important the the content which your site contains is not only relevant to your business’ industry, but also specifically to your product or services. This is because it is all very well attracting a lot of visitors, but if they are not interested in your products or services, then you gain very little. So, by including important and relevant information pertaining to your products and/or services, you gain an improved conversion rate (the percentage of visitors accessing your site who go beyond casual viewing to purchase something or offer their contact information; converting them from visitors into customers or potential customers).

So, it is vital that your site contains great content, but also that the content offered is relevant to your business. These are 2 points we place high importance on.

So Why Choose Cleartext Content?

High Quality

Cleartext Content was established on the basis that we are able to offer content that exceeds what is readily available today from the majority of suppliers at an affordable price for small to medium-sized businesses.

With fear of repeating ourselves (primarily because it is important to understand this as a fundamental SEO standpoint), we understand that at this moment in time, in order to rank highly in search engines, a website must meet certain criteria. The most important of which being the need for high quality content.

High quality content does not just mean in terms of keywords, word count, or readability; high quality content means content that meets the needs of its potential readers and therefore describes a thought or series of thoughts in an easy to understand, intelligent, interesting and accurate way.

In general most sites need content which is accessible by not only newcomers with very little knowledge on a particular subject, but also by those who are experienced in the field; meaning that the content must be easy to follow, but not especially targeted towards for any particular audience. Some sites require a different approach in that the majority of visitors are experienced in a particular industry, and are able to follow more technical language or references; it takes a good writer to be able to meet the requirements for each.

We spend time researching each given topic in depth, looking not only at what your own company is involved in, but also what your competitors are doing, how the market is fairing, what the past taught us and what the future holds. By understanding your industry, we are better able to give you content that is appropriate for the level we, and you, expect.


We know that, in business, it is vital that you produce a schedule that works, and stick to it.

With regards to improving the content available on your website, we know that these matters can take time, not only in terms of creating the material, but also the process of waiting for search engines to review content additions and updates and for these changes to reflect in your site’s rankings.

Being aware of this, we strive to deliver your order as soon as possible, without compromising on the quality of the work provided. We know that the sooner you are able to receive and upload the content, the sooner you can expect to see results from your SEO strategy.


Creating high quality content requires a deep understanding of the business you are writing for. It is no good writing content that is poorly researched, contains errors or misconceptions which will immediately put off potential customers before they even consider doing business with you.

Content that is appropriate for your site is vital in engaging potential customers and retaining previous customers. You must show to your customers that you know your business better than anyone else, but it must be presented in a way that would not put off those whom have no knowledge of your industry; it must be attractive, well structured, well researched and written with flair.

Content purchased from bulk content providers will never be as well researched as from a company which can offer a service tailored solely to your business. Much in the same way that buying from content auction sites is also completely the wrong direction to take. You need content that works for you, not a general mass of text loosely based on your industry.

Obviously we would say this, but it is highly advised that you do not fill your site with 400-500 word articles purchased from an ‘SEO specialist’ or article provider. It’s true that this tactic did work for a while in the past, but, and thankfully, Google and other search engines have developed their algorithms to seek out these keyword rich, and poor quality pages, and penalise them. There is nothing worse than searching for a specific term and being offered results that ultimately are not what you were looking for, purely because of some black-hat ‘optimisation’.


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